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A new hyaluronic acid gel dressing for F.E.S.S. and nasal surgery
Derived from non-animal sources
Resorbs in 7 -14 days
Prevents adhesion
Gentle and effective healing

PureRegen advances the packing material after FESS

Ordering Information:

Item Number Description Quantity
xxxx PureRegen® Gel SINUS 6 syringes/box, 2cc/syringe
xxxx PureRegen® Gel SINUS 1 syringes/box, 5cc/syringe


PureRegen® Gel SINUS: unique features

  • Proprietary self-crosslinking technique: no toxic residue and xenogenic proteins, excellent biocompatibility
  • Gentle material modification method: preserved biological function of natural hyaluronan.
  • Adequate viscosity and hydrophilic property: Creation of moist environment facilitating re-mucosalization
  • Controlled degradation profile: physical barrier during the mucous regeneration critical period to prevent adhesion and scar formation.
  • Terminal Sterilization of the gel: maximised safety after application
  • Dissolvable hydrogel: reduced discomfort to the patients


Instructions for Use:

Proven efficacy of PureRegen® Gel SINUS to prevent adhesion after FESS:

Controlled degradation profile:

PureRegen® Gel SINUS degradation profile matches the critical repair period, esp. the inflammatory processes after surgery, thereby providing effective barrier between the mucosal surface and prevent adhesion. The complete dissolution of PureRegen® Gel SINUS eliminates the need for painful packing removal and secondary damage to the fresh mucous.

PureRegen® Gel SINUS completely dissolves in 14-21 days, which matches the critical inflammatory reaction time during the mucous healing. (1,2)

Prospective, randomized, controlled multiple center clinical studies (Level 1) in China and USA demonstrated that PureRegen® Gel SINUS resulted in fewer adhesion, better re-mucosalization, and reduced edema and crust than control group (3).


1. Waterlet JB, et al: Wound healing of teh nasal and paranasal mucosa: A review. Am. J. Rhinol. 16:77-84, 2002.
2. Pajic-Penavic I,: Endoscopic monitoring of postoperative sinonasal mucosa wounds healing. Advances in Endoscopic Surgery, Prof. Cornel Lancu (Ed). ISBN:978-853-307-717-8, InTech, Chapter 21: page 419-436, 2011.
3. Shi R, et al: The clinical outcomes of new hyaluronan nasal dressing: A prospective, randomized, controlled study. Am. J. Rhinol. Allergy, 27:271-76, 2013.


PureRegen® Gel SINUS

Self-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Gel Dressing after FESS Viscous and Controlled Degradation: A Balance to match the tissue regeneration critical period

  • Facilitates re-mucosalization acting as an adjunct
  • Eliminates post-op painful removal of packing
  • Avoids secondary damage to the mucous#
  • Conforms to nasal cavity without dead space
  • Prevents adhesion and scarring
  • Minimize bleeding and edema